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Tethering VPN on Android

I guess many people search the Internet with the words "android vpn tether", and there surely are many hits.  The basic problem people are trying to solve is to create a wifi hotspot that sends all traffic over some VPN connection.  Android can by itself create a wifi hotspot allowing your 3G or 4G connection to be shared with other devices over wifi.  Just click the hotspot icon, change the name and password if you like, and off you go.  Your android phone can also make connections to some VPN if you e.g. install Wireguard or one of the several OpenVPN client apps.  That also works nicely.  But how about using the two at the same time.  I think there are some variations of failure, but it never does what…
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Getting a cool Linux desktop

I’m not a big fan of Windows, I particularly find the O/S weird and incomprehensible, while the desktop actually is quite nice. Throughout most of my career, I’ve been mastering all sorts of UNIX like O/S’s, although mostly as servers, so I am doing a lot of command line stuff. I grew up with “vi” in my fingers, and despite having tried, I never really got the hang of any other editor. So for the work I am paid for, it’s very little more than lots of terminal windows, shell commands, and all that jazz. But for the desktop, I’ve kept Windows, and I e.g. find that Microsoft Office does the job it is supposed to do very well. I tried switching to Linux several times, but despite it being…
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