Coat of Arms

I have a personal coat of arms that is shown below. It is blazoned as parted per fess in argent, a black antique Greek owl with large, empty eyes, and black, ten besants argent ordered one, two, three four in an equilateral triangle.

I am using the Greek owl, which is found on both antique and modern greek coins and frequently known as Athena’s Owl, as a symbol of wisdom. The ten besants (coins) are ordereded as the Pythagorean tetractys that I use to symbolize mathematics or in more general terms, science. A possible interpretation of my coat of arms is that wisdom is based on science or that you need a scientific approach to gain knowledge before you can get understanding and wisdom. The latin way of expressing this is Per Scientiam Ad Sapientiam.

My motto is Amo Ergo Vivo – I love, therefore I live.


© 2018 by Bjørn Kisbye Engsig, painted by Ronny Andersen.