Hats and Bow Ties

Hats & bowties

Those who know me will have seen me wearing a hat and possibly also a bow-tie. In fact, I have over the last years gotten to the point, where a hat is simply a necessary part of my dress. I never leave home without one. In Denmark, where I live, it is very practical in the seasons, where rain can be expected, as it prevents me from getting wet glasses. And just for the record, the seasons where rain can be expected are spring, summer, fall and winter. Plus the periods in between. And if in summer, you get a clear sky, the hat prevents me from getting my pale skin getting sunburned.

Hence, I always wear a hat when leaving home.

And the bow-tie?  Well, I like to dress up a bit both when necessary and when reasonable, and for men, this typically means wearing “suit & tie”.  I don’t own many suits, but I do own a reasonable number of jackets and shirts, so like other men, I also own ties. I had really many, but have lately given up on the usual tie, and I am now only using bow-ties; mostly colorful ones. I probably own more bow-ties than I own hats.